New BRUSSELS SPROUTS flavoured gin - would you try it?

New BRUSSELS SPROUTS flavoured gin - would you try it?

BRUSSELS sprouts, more so than Brexit debates at 10 Downing Street between the Johnsons, divide families.

Some love them. Some don't. But either way, they're likely to end up on the table at Christmas. And while Boris is certainly hoping that Brussels be off the table for him and his government by then, the rest of us will have a choice to make.

Gin on the other hand goes the other way. Even if it's not your tipple of choice, it's universally welcomed on tables the world over.

Well, move over strawberries and cream, because there's a new winning-combination (*cough*) in town!

Pickering's, a Scottish Distillery have created the world's very first Brussels sprouts gin.

In preparation for the holiday season, the Edinburgh-based gin-makers have announced they're reintroducing their "Festively Flavoured Gin Baubles", i.e Christmas tree decorations that double-up as little booze cupboards.

They've released them in sets of six - each one a different flavour - including 'Christmas clementine', 'festive cranberry', 'spiced pear & cinnamon', 'figgy pudding', 'plum & ginger', and the pièce de résistance (or coup de grâce - depending on which French idiom you feel is most appropriate) 'Brussels sprout'.

On their website, Pickering's say: "This year, we fulfilled the Christmas destiny of 10,000 lonely and forgotten Perthshire sprouts by distilling them and creating the world's first Brussels Sprout gin."

"We know it sounds bonkers, but the humble sprout delivers a pleasantly sweet, slightly nutty gin, perfect for mixing."

"Don't let its distinctive sprouty nose fool you, our Brussels Sprout gin finishes with a delightfully herbaceous, fresh green pepper twang."

Sounds ... delicious ...

Might have to follow it up with a gravy-chaser or something, y'know, for the taste.