This new Irish horror film is already being heralded as Ireland’s answer to The Babadook

This new Irish horror film is already being heralded as Ireland’s answer to The Babadook

AN EERIE-LOOKING trailer has landed for a brand-new Irish horror film that’s already drawing comparisons with The Babadook.

Released back in 2014, The Babadook took the world by storm with its story of a widowed mother forced to battle with her son's growing fear of a monster lurking in their house.

The Hole in The Ground, starring Seána Kerslake, looks set to follow a similar pattern if the first trailer for the Irish horror effort is anything to go by.

It’s written and directed by Irish filmmaker Lee Cronin who previously won plaudits for his 2013 effort Ghost Train, which won the Méliès d'Argent award for Best European Fantastic Short film.

Kerslake plays Sarah O’Neill, a woman trying to escape her past and forge a new life with her young son Chris (James Quinn Markey) on the fringes of a rural backwater town.

However, after a terrifying encounter with her mysterious neighbour, Sarah finds her newfound peace is shattered as she begins to witness disturbing changes in the behaviour of her son which may be linked to an ominous sinkhole located in the forest close to their home.

Set against the backdrop of Ireland’s distinctive rural landscape, The Hole in The Ground’s first trailer cranks up the tension to the max.

It's certainly caught the eye of movie aficionados Empire, who said:

"There’s some brilliantly eerie imagery here – particularly the unsettling framing of the titular hole – with echoes of The Babadook and The Hallow sure to put this on the radar of horror fans."

The film boasts an impressive cast too that includes Vikings actor Steve Wall along with Game of Thrones alumni James Cosmo and Simone Kirby, who recently appeared in the Warrington bombing drama Mother's Day.

It promises to be unmissable viewing for fans of all things horror and is guaranteed to cause a few sleepless nights for anyone brave enough to give it a watch.

The Hole In The Ground is due to arrive UK and Irish cinemas on March 1st.