One half of beloved 'Guinness twins' brands Boris Johnson a ‘bloody w****r’ over handling of pandemic

One half of beloved 'Guinness twins' brands Boris Johnson a ‘bloody w****r’ over handling of pandemic

ONE HALF of the beloved “Guinness” twins has branded Boris Johnson a “bloody w****r” over his handling of the pandemic, after losing her sister to the virus. 

Britain's oldest identical twins, Lilian Cox and Doris Hobday became national treasures when they appeared on TV to proclaim that their secret to long life was "no sex and plenty of Guinness". 

In early January, Doris and Lilian announced that they had both contracted Covid-19, and that they were "in shock" as they had followed all the rules, kept their contacts low and remained inside. 

They appealed to people to stick to the guidelines to remain safe, but kept their trademark humour, writing ""We have said in the past if him up there wants us... he's going to have to run fast!" 

Doris sadly passed away on January 5 after a two-week battle with the virus. 


Lilian and Doris lived inseparable lives. They had houses on the same street, worked on in the same West Midlands factory and even lived next door to each other in the same assisted living complex. 

Known to many as the Tipton Twins, the sisters had made a pact to reach the age of 100 together. 

Lilian only learned of her sister’s death two weeks after being discharged, having successfully recovered from the virus. 

In one of their last conversations, she had called Doris and begged her to “fight for her life”. 

Doris died just two days before the letter, confirming her date for vaccination against the virus, arrived in the post. 

Speaking to the Sunday People, Lilian said it was “not fair” that she had not only lost her sister but also her “best friend.” 

She also hit out at the UK government’s inability to control the spread of the virus. 


“We came into the world together. She was two hours older than me and we shared everything,” she said. 

"The nurses and doctors were fantastic but Boris is a bloody w****r.  

“I think lockdown should have happened a lot earlier – then there would not have been half as many deaths." 

Lilian is currently recovering at her daughter Vivien’s home and has launched a fundraiser in memory of sister for the Beacon Centre for the Blind. 

The centre helped Doris’ late husband Raymond when he lost his eyesight in the final few years of his life.