One person lodged 8,000 separate noise-complaints to Dublin Airport last year

One person lodged 8,000 separate noise-complaints to Dublin Airport last year

EIGHT-THOUSAND ... That's just plane insanity. (see what I did there?)

One individual living local to Dublin Airport contacted authorities to complain about noise from aircraft a mind-boggling 8,000 times in one year.

That's 21 complaints a day, providing he/she didn't take a day off.

In July, the chronic-whinger cranked things up a couple of notches and averaged 147 complaints a day. That's Patrick-Bateman-levels of madness.

It's thought that another individual made roughly 4,500 complaints to the airport in that same time.


The total number of noise complaints received by the airport in 2019 was 15,160 (42 per day), meaning that just two people were responsible for around three-quarters of last year's quibbles.

Delicious madness.

Figures published by Dublin Airport revealed that 2019's figures were, shall we say, somewhat higher than 2018's.

In 2018, a paltry 1,453 noise complaints were lodged.

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So, is Dublin Airport getting louder, or is this simply a case of two peculiar individuals with too much time on their hands?


An airport spokesman confirmed that the Dublin Airport Authority were dealing with two incredibly persistent individuals and were working hard to try and help them.

"Aircraft noise is subjective and is personal to each individual," he said.

He also pointed out that despite the number of complaints rising by almost 1000% in a year, the number of people making complaints has actually declined, from 293 in 2018 to 284 in 2019. Which demonstrates how silly statistics can be at the end of the day.

The spokesman added: "The level of aircraft noise is dependent on the type of aircraft and the number of flights. While the number of flight movements at Dublin has increased in recent years, the advent of newer, quieter aircraft has brought about substantial reductions in aircraft noise."

DAA operates a €1m noise and flight track monitoring system to ensure minimum disruption to local communities, which includes eight fixed noise monitoring terminals around north Dublin and one mobile monitor.

Still, after 147 complaints a day for an entire month, there's probably no appeasing some people.