Controversial organ donor advert depicting Jesus on the cross sparks complaints

Controversial organ donor advert depicting Jesus on the cross sparks complaints

A CONTROVERSIAL advert depicting Jesus during the Crucifixion being encouraged to sign up to become an organ donor could be banned by regulators.

The move comes after several complaints about the two-and-a-half-minute clip, which also features to Roman soldiers posing for a selfie with the Son of God while he is nailed to the cross.

Created as part of Australia's Dying to Life initiative, the advert was made to try and raise awareness of the fact the country lags behind others when it comes to organ and tissue donations.

However, it's tongue-in-cheek humour hasn't gone down well with some people online, who have taken to Facebook to express their anger at the clip.

Lynette Shryane wrote: "One day every knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. It won't be such a joke then. Very poor taste."

Aimee Redding, meanwhile, said: "I am not easily offended but I was deeply offended and saddened by this ad.

"I believe it should be removed and an apology issued."



According to Premier, several formal complaints have also been made to the Australian Advertising Standards Authority who could now ban the advert from being broadcast again.

Speaking to Ten Daily, the advert's director, Richard Bullock explained his thinking behind the ad.

"I wanted to deliberately provoke a conversation in homes around the subject," he said

"I thought it would be amusing and relevant to find that the nicest and kindest man who ever lived - Jesus, wasn't aware that his organ donor status was no longer on his license.

"Once I started writing I realised that the complexity of the Australian Organ donation could be explained.

"In the end Jesus donating his organs is exactly what I think Jesus WOULD do".