Police praise return of ‘peaceful’ St Patrick’s Parade in Birmingham

Police praise return of ‘peaceful’ St Patrick’s Parade in Birmingham

POLICE have praised the return of the annual St Patrick’s Parade to Birmingham – which passed off “peacefully” and with “no significant arrests” over the weekend.

The event, which drew thousands to the streets of Digbeth on Sunday, March 17, last took place in the city centre in 2019.

Since then it has been unable to go ahead due to Covid-19 restrictions and roadworks being undertaken in the aera.

This month it made its return when St Patrick’s Day fell on Sunday, and proved as successful as ever as it celebrated 50 years since the very first Birmingham parade.

West Midlands Police made a statement this week, praising both the event organisers and those who attended the “successful St Patrick’s Day parade”.

“The parade returned for its 50-year anniversary and passed off peacefully,” they said.

“No significant arrests were made, with thousands of revellers, families and members of the Irish community enjoying the entertainment in a safe and secure environment,” they added.

Police officers, PCSOs and police staff worked alongside parade organisers to keep the public safe over the weekend.

They also had Project Servator officers on the ground - who are specially trained to spot signs that someone may be about to commit a crime.

"Thanks to our work with event organisers and partner agencies, we have had a great St Patrick’s Day parade,” Superintendent Pervez Mohammed, who was responsible for policing the event, said.

"Officers worked extremely hard before, during and after the parade to keep people safe,” he added.

“It was great to see the parade back and everyone enjoying the celebrations in the city.”