Polish chef Lukasz fought London Bridge terrorist 'until the end' despite being stabbed five times

Polish chef Lukasz fought London Bridge terrorist 'until the end' despite being stabbed five times

THE HEROIC efforts of Lukasz, the Polish chef filmed warding off convicted terrorist Usman Khan 5-foot Narwhal whale tusk, have been detailed by a colleague at the scene.

Saskia Jones, 23 and Jack Merritt, 25, were both killed when Khan ran rampage with a pair of knives at a prisoner rehabilitation conference at Fishmongers’ Hall.

Yet the number could have been significantly higher had it not been for the intervention of Lukasz and several other members of the British public.

Speaking to Sky News Fishmongers' Hall chief executive Toby Williamson hailed his Polish colleague’s efforts and provided further details of his heroic actions.

"You're not going to see Lukasz. Firstly he's too modest and secondly there's no camera footage," Williamson said.


"He's washing up glasses in the basement. He hears the screams. He's first aid trained so he makes the conscious decision to go upstairs. It's pretty obvious what's happening.

"The terrorist is brandishing two knives with victims all around screaming and people cornered.

"He pulls off the wall this narwhal tusk and takes the fight on. In the next minute he's on his own.

"He's buying time for others to escape. In that time he makes a stab towards the terrorist and knows something is wrong as he hits him in the chest and it bounces off.

"He's got a vest on of some sort. At that point there's a vicious knife fight in which Lukasz takes five cuts all the way up his arm. He's hurt badly but doesn't flinch for a minute.

"He's then joined by two or three others, and now overwhelmed by numbers the assailant goes down the stairs."


Though Khan was eventually able to escape outside, Lukasz gave chase.

"Lukasz is right behind him,” Williamson added.

“He is hurting badly and has lost the strength in his left arm but he was there until the end."

Filmed attempting to control Khan along with the help of several other members of the public, Lukasz was able to subdue the 28-year-old long enough until armed police arrived on the scene and shot Khan, who was wearing a fake bomb vest, dead.

According to various media reports, Lukasz is now set to receive an official honour from his native Poland, in recognition of his "sacrifice and courage".