Question Time audience member sparks fury with ‘idea’ for a united Ireland

Question Time audience member sparks fury with ‘idea’ for a united Ireland

A BORIS Johnson-loving Question Time audience member sparked fury and incredulity on social media after proposing his own unique solution to the ongoing Brexit drama: uniting the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland as one nation. Yep, we know.

The BBC politics panel debate show was in Leicester this week for an episode filmed in the wake of the news Johnson had apparently reached an agreement with the European Union for a potential Brexit deal not entirely dissimilar to his predecessor, Theresa May's, efforts.

Despite this and the likelihood of the deal being rejected by Parliament with the DUP among those set to reject the plans, one audience member appeared delighted with the job Johnson was doing as Prime Minister.

"I'd just like to say something that I thought would never leave my mouth; I think Boris Johnson's done a brilliant job with going over there," he said.

"Everyone said 'he won't do that, he can't do that', but he's actually proven everybody wrong and, from my perspective, it seems to me that he's knocking things out of the park and people just can't stand it.


"That's really got people like myself more interested, like, oh, actually, this guy wants to do it for the people. He's really pushing forward."

The BBC Question Time Twitter account initially tweeted these remarks.

However, it soon became clear that all was not as it seemed.

Taking to social media, several viewers tweeted out the man's remarks in full, which included a long-winded, confused and wholly ignorant take on the situation involving the Irish backstop and Northern Ireland.

It appeared as though the BBC didn't want to highlight this particular Boris Johnson supporter's poorly thought out solution.


An explanation for the omission has yet to be provided.

Thankfully, the clip can be viewed below.

Skip to 30 seconds in and prepare to be dumbfounded.

The comments and the BBC's attempts to gloss over them attracted criticism on Twitter.

"How dare #BBCQT then cut this man’s ranting and the boos he got from audience when his main point was effectively to “get Ireland back as a single island so we don’t have that problem to worry about”." one user wrote.


"Funny how you cut out the next part where he basically said "Get rid of Northern Ireland. Who cares, right guys?" The epitome of self satisfied ignorance," a second said.

"This guy knows nothing of the history, or the politics of NI & Ireland in general," another chimed in with.

"Extremely stupid views expressed with breathtaking confidence, makes you proud," someone else wrote.

And that was only the tip of the iceberg - here are just a few of the best reactions