Supermac's apologises after Deaf couple refused service at drive-thru

Supermac's apologises after Deaf couple refused service at drive-thru

FAST FOOD chain Supermac's has apologised after a Deaf couple were refused service at a Dublin drive-thru.

In a video widely circulated on Facebook earlier this week, a profoundly Deaf couple were seen being refused service by a member of staff in the drive-thru of the Spawell branch.

In a post accompanying the video, the woman said she and her husband had been to the drive-thru multiple times and had their written order processed with no issues.

This time however, they "did not know how to deal with our order" and a member of staff "approached us angrily and would not serve us", claiming they were too busy and had other orders waiting.

"Repeatedly we stated we were deaf and she made no effort to even write back to us or even step back and pull down her mask so we could even lipread," she wrote.

In the clip which showed part of the incident, her husband stated it was a "f***ing shame", however the staff member thought he had told her to "go f*** yourself".

The couple eventually went into the store, where the manager spoke to the member of staff and apologised on both of their behalf, but the drive-thru staff member did not apologise in person.

The Supermac's franchise has issued a statement apologising for the couple's ordeal (Image:

Admitting they felt "humiliated" by the ordeal, the couple wrote:

"I am so upset to be writing this and never thought we would have to experience this.

"Supermac’s, you need to educate your staff on how to treat customers and most of all, train them about disability awareness as we will never ever use your service again."

According to The Journal, the Spawell Supermac's branch released a statement where they apologised to the customers and confirmed a customer service training review will be undertaken by staff.

"It is clear to us that the customers in question are accustomed to ordering via our drive-thru and we are very disappointed that their experience was not what it should have been on this occasion,” a spokesperson said.

"We would like to apologise to the customers affected and commit that this incident will be investigated fully. We have been in direct contact with the customers to apologise to them.”