Tayto make special Liam Gallagher packet dedicated to Oasis star

Tayto make special Liam Gallagher packet dedicated to Oasis star

TAYTO have commissioned a special crisps packet in honour of former Oasis front-man Liam Gallagher.

The singer had previously declared his fondness for the beloved Irish crisp brand, recently posting a photo of a box of Taytos strapped in to a seat next to him on a private flight out of Cork following a gig back in June.

Gallagher returned to the Irish capital last weekend for a performance at Dublin's 3Arena, and to mark the special occasion, Tayto tweeted the Manchester-native, with a photo of their new creation.

"Rumour has it @liamgallagher had quite a few bags of Tayto over the weekend... So much so he needed his own bag! What do you think @liamgallagher?" They wrote.

The singer has admitted in the past that cheese and onion flavoured Taytos are indeed his favourite, and true to form, it's a packet of cheese and onion with Liam's name on it.

Over the summer, Gallagher told TodayFM he loved the crisps so much that he compared them to the drug crack.

I'm sure Tayto have received more welcome compliments, but still, not the worst review in the world.

Whether the novelty bag is a one-off or if Liam Gallagher crisps will start popping up at his gigs all over the world remains to be seen, but in any case, we've come up with a couple of ideas for them if they decide to go full throttle with the idea:

'Champagne Salt&Vinegar'

'Don't look Bacon in anger'

'Cheese and Supersonion'

No charge Tayto, you can have them for free! ...