Tea bags, bread…kettle? The bizarre things Irish people take on holiday

Tea bags, bread…kettle? The bizarre things Irish people take on holiday

IF you’re off on holiday anytime soon you might be thinking about what your packing.

If that’s the case, no pun intended, have you remembered your tea bags?

What about your sliced bread, or your kettle?

According to a survey by holiday firm TUI, these items are – bizarrely – among the things Irish people pack for their holidays.

According to their study, 52 per cent of people asked admitted to packing tea bags, while 34 per cent brought coffee, on their holidays.

And its not just beverages that find their way into Irish travellers’ bags.

No, the survey further revealed that 36 per cent of people can't travel without their slippers, and 22 per cent insist on bringing their own pillow.

Additionally, 12 per cent feel the need to have ketchup or sliced bread in their suitcase, while 11 per cent won't leave the country without their favourite cereal.

The figures show that Irish people truly enjoy having their creature comforts with them while away from home.

Some eight per cent even pack their own kettle, to be sure they get the proper brew.

“This research shows how much Irish travellers love their home comforts while on holidays," says Craig Morgan, Head of Ireland for TUI.

“That’s why we're increasing our luggage allowance for TUI Airways to 20kg as standard, with an extra 5kg for guests staying at TUI BLUE, Holiday Village and A La Carte hotels.”

He added: “With all that extra weight to play around with guests will have plenty of room to take along loads of teabags, photos of their pets and even a loaf or two of bread.”

Irish people prioritise their creature comforts when packing for their holidays


Teabags - 52%

Extra toothbrush - 44%

Slippers - 37%

Cotton buds - 36%

Coffee - 35%

Extra tubes of toothpaste - 34%

Your own pillow - 22%

Emergency sewing kit - 21%

Cheese and onion crisps - 20%

Your journal - 19%

Umbrella - 19%

Travel iron - 18%

A collection of your favourite books - 14%

Pot Noodles - 13%

Rich tea biscuits - 13%

Your childhood teddy bear - 13%

Sliced bread - 12%

Ketchup - 12%

A hot water bottle - 12%

Pictures of friends and family members - 12%

Your favourite blanket - 11%

Favourite cereal - 11%

Salt and vinegar crisps - 11%

Cheddar cheese - 10%

Picture of your pet - 9%

Favourite squash/cordial - 8%

Kettle - 8%

Favourite mug - 7%

Salt and pepper - 7%

Brown sauce - 6%

Chilli powder/hot sauce - 6%

Crystals - 5%

Marmalade - 4.0%

Stock cubes - 4%

Incense – 4%

Favourite ornament from home - 3%

Family heirloom - 3%

521 Irish people were surveyed in February 2024 for the research commissioned by TUI