Twelve injured after turbulence on Qatar Airways flight to Ireland

Twelve injured after turbulence on Qatar Airways flight to Ireland

TWELVE people were injured after a flight from Qatar to Ireland encountered severe disturbance.

Six passengers and six cabin crew were hurt when Qatar Airways flight QR017 from Doha to Dublin experienced the adverse conditions over Turkey.

A statement from Dublin Airport sad eight people were taken to hospital after emergency services met the plane on arrival at Dublin at around 1pm.

"Qatar Airways flight QR017 from Doha landed safely as scheduled at Dublin Airport shortly before 13.00 on Sunday," read a statement from the airport.

"Upon landing, the aircraft was met by emergency services, including Airport Police and our Fire and Rescue department, due to 6 passengers and 6 crew [12 total] on board reporting injuries after the aircraft experienced turbulence while airborne over Turkey.

"All passengers were assessed for injury prior to disembarking the aircraft. Eight passengers were subsequently taken to hospital."

The return flight to Doha was scheduled to depart at 3pm but was delayed as a result of the incident.

It eventually took off shortly before 4pm, while other flight operations at the airport were unaffected.

On Tuesday, one man died after a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore experienced extreme turbulence and was forced to land in Bangkok.

The 73-year-old British man is believed to have suffered a heart attack, while more than 40 others were hospitalised.

Singapore Airlines has since introduced new safety measures, including suspending meal service when the seat belt sign is on.

Staff will also return to their seats and put on their own seat belts when the sign is activated.