WATCH: Dog missing for two weeks is rescued by hikers on Wicklow Mountains

WATCH: Dog missing for two weeks is rescued by hikers on Wicklow Mountains

THIS IS the good news story we all needed.

A dog who was missing for two weeks has been reunited with her family after an incredible rescue by two hikers in the Wicklow Mountains.

8-year-old golden retriever Neesha became separated from her owners during a hike in the Wicklow Mountains in January, and despite fierce searches, her family had begun to give up hope after two weeks passed without any sign of their beloved pet.

On Saturday however, in an incredible and heartwarming twist, Neesha was found by two hikers-- Ciara Nolan and her partner, Francois-- as they climbed to the peak of one of Ireland's highest mountains.

The couple, who are both doctors, documented the rescue on video platforming site TikTok, where they revealed they found Neesha in a frail state, unable to move due to the cold.

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Francois bundling the dog up in a coat and carries her on his back all the way back to the foot of the mountain-- an incredible 10 kilometres.

Safely back on level ground, Ciara and Francois ensured Neesha was warm and dry-- and then, after contacting a local animal charity, managed to find her owners.

The video shows the emotional moment Neesha is reunited with her relieved family, who are in tears as they cuddle their beloved pet.

The video has gone viral across Ireland and beyond, after a friend of Neesha's family shared the TikTok video on Twitter, writing:

"My work colleague lost her Labrador 2 weeks ago in the Wicklow mountains. A couple found her and saved her life.

"They made this vid of her rescue. Now reunited with her family."

The reaction to the video was overwhelmingly positive, with many saying it had restored their faith in humanity and given their moods a boost amid the seemingly non-stop bad news.

Neesha has had a couple of 'ruff' weeks, but thanks to her 'pawsome' rescuers, she's now safely back with her loving family.