WATCH: Fox takes advantage of deserted Dublin with a stroll down Grafton Street

WATCH: Fox takes advantage of deserted Dublin with a stroll down Grafton Street

TAKING A look back at lockdown early last year and how this fox took advantage of the empty streets of Dublin!

A recurring theme since the world has gone into lockdown is curious animals straying into areas they wouldn't normally be seen-- places which would normally be thronged with humans.

A flock of sheep were spotted peering in the windows of a deserted McDonalds last week, proving that the major fast food chain will always have eager customers no matter what the situation.

And who could forget the bizarre scenes when a herd of wild goats descended from a nearby mountain to take over a town in Wales?

Meanwhile, lambs were filmed playing happily on a children's playground and dolphins swam in the crystal clear waters of the Venice canals.

And this wild fox was spotted taking a casual stroll down what would usually be Dublin city centre's busiest shopping street.

Fantstic Mr Fox: Reported Kevin O'Mahony spotted the animal casually strolling down one of Dublin's bsiest streets (Twitter: Kev_Omahony)

Dublin-based news reported Kevin O'Mahony caught the fantastic footage of the young fox meandering down Grafton Street, appearing to check his reflection in one of the high street shop windows before trotting casually past another walker out on their evening stroll.

"Just a friendly fox roaming Grafton Street of a Tuesday evening," Kevin wrote on Twitter. "This is the new norm!"

Just for comparison, this is what Grafton Street would usually look like on a balmy spring evening...

Grafton Street is one of the busiest streets in Dublin and is popular with tourists and locals alike (Picture: Getty)

Hopefully it won't be too much longer until people can go out and walk, shop, eat and drink to our heart's content on Ireland's streets-- but until then, the regular footage of animals testing out the human world will make all of this that little bit easier.