WATCH: Lambs filmed playing happily in children's playground during lockdown

WATCH: Lambs filmed playing happily in children's playground during lockdown

HUMANITY MAY be in a state of near-total lockdown, but that hasn’t stopped the animal kingdom from coming out to play during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

From sightings of dolphins in Venice to news of an entire Welsh town being overrun by a herd of mountain goats, it would appear that wildlife everywhere are beginning to reclaim the land. 

Another example of this astonishing phenomenon emerged this week in Preston, where a small group of lambs were filmed having a grand old time in a children’s playground. 

While such facilities remain strictly off-limits to kids, it’s a different story for this lot, who were captured stretching their legs on the playground’s round-a-bout. 

This was no setup either, with the lambs clearly using the playground favourite to do a bit of walking on the spot.

Our only hope is that they weren't left feeling too queasy - excessive round-a-bout use has been known to bring that on.

Filmed by a passerby Debbie Ellis and later shared with the BBC, the clip has proven a hit online, where the jokes have been flying thick and fast. 

Many were quick to suggest the lambs may have been using the round-a-bout to spin some wool. 

Others quipped about the animals taking back the land. 

With the UK and Ireland likely to be in lockdown for at least another month or two, this probably won’t be the last time someone spots a few wild animals running amok while the rest of us remain indoors. 

Still, if it helps lift spirits and provides an opportunity for some first-rate, pun-based humour, then who are we to complain?