Woman 'completely eaten alive' by her own pigs

Woman 'completely eaten alive' by her own pigs

PIG FARMING is big business in Ireland.

Central Statistics Office (CSO) data shows there were about 158,000 breeding sows in the Republic as of 2010, with that figure likely to have risen in the years since.

All of which will make this story of one farmer’s grizzly fate that bit more disturbing.

It happed in Russia where, according to News.com.au, a Russian pig farmer died in the most gruesome of circumstances.

The 56-year-old farmer passed away after suffering an epileptic seizure while working on her farm in the village of Malopuginsky, Udmurtia, Russia.

Yet it wasn’t the initial seizure that killed the agricultural worker.

Her death came after the seizure caused her to fall into a nearby pig pen.

It was there that her ravenous swine, on the lookout for any and all food, proceeded to feast on the stricken 56-year-old.

Local media reports [Newstes] confirmed the grim reality as the animals “completely ate the woman’s face, shoulders and ears”.

She died of severe blood loss, with her remains only discovered a day later by her husband, who had gone to bed early the previous evening after complaining of feeling unwell.

A case that has left authorities in Russia stunned, it’s said to be the first death of its kind in the region and is almost too horrific to bear thinking about.

Our thoughts and condolences are with the friends and family of the woman killed.