Woman speaks out after Ryanair passengers branded her 'lesbo', 'd**e' and 'b***h' while flight crew 'did nothing'

Woman speaks out after Ryanair passengers branded her 'lesbo', 'd**e' and 'b***h' while flight crew 'did nothing'

A HOLIDAYMAKER has claimed she was subjected to vile homophobic abuse by a group of men on a Ryanair flight while cabin crew looked on.

Laura Muldoon tweeted a photo of the group she alleges called her "lesbo", "dyke" and "miserable bitch" after boarding the flight from London Stansted to Seville in Spain on Wednesday.

Laura, who works as the social media manager at the Museum of London, sarcastically wrote: "First holiday snap! Of this bunch of lads who chanted that I was a 'miserable b*tch', 'd**e' and 'lesbo' (very well observed!) on @Ryanair flight 12.27 from Stansted to Seville today.

“Oh yeah, flight crew did nothing. #holidayvibes #outofofficeon #rainontheplane".

Laura was quickly flooded with messages of support after her tweet went viral, with many calling for the airline to take action.

One user said: "I’m so sorry this has happened to you. If you feel able to please consider reporting them to the police.

"With the passenger list and that photo there’s a good chance the police will be able to ID them. I reported a homophobic threat recently and they took it v seriously".

Another wrote: "I’m so sorry this happened to you, you shouldn’t have to spend the whole flight being abused by a bunch of lowlives.

"Shame on you Ryanair for putting up with blatant hate speech and rowdiness on your plane. Staff should have a zero tolerance policy for this".

A third added: "Well done for calling this out Laura. How absolutely disgusting. Hope you have a brilliant rest of your holiday and get a LOT of compensation."

Ryanair contacted Laura publicly on Twitter to ask if she could send more information via a form, but the budget airline is yet to release an official statement about the incident.

The alleged homophobic abuse comes after a Ryanair stewardess and her girlfriend were left covered in blood on a London night bus when a group of males attacked the lesbian couple for refusing to kiss for their entertainment.

Melania Geymonat, from Uruguay, was left with a suspected broken nose while her partner Chris, from the US, was also badly beaten.

Five teenagers were arrested in connection with the attack earlier this month.