Is this the worst full Irish breakfast of all time?

Is this the worst full Irish breakfast of all time?

A GOOD full Irish breakfast requires quality ingredients and careful preparation.

Overcook your bacon or leave your egg a little too runny and suddenly a popular Irish staple can become a rather unappealing prospect.

It’s a minefield and something that requires a careful eye and a delicate touch.

Which is why we really feel for Irish journalist Helen O’Rahilly who recently “indulged” in what might be the worst full Irish breakfast of all time.

It came courtesy of Irish Ferries and while she wasn’t necessarily expecting to enjoy a culinary experience for the ages, what she was confronted with left her unhappy, to say the least.

Undercooked sausages, bland eggs and, worst of all, cold toast. All of which wouldn’t have been so bad were it not for the fact the meal set her back a hefty €12.95.

Keen to warn others of her experience, O’Rahilly took to Twitter to share the details – including some horrific images – of her experience.

Warning: the following is not for the faint of heart…or stomach.

£The ‘Full Irish” available for 12.95 Euro in the Club Class of @Irish_Ferries Swift service. Inedible,” she tweeted alongside the offending images.

“Semi-raw sausages, swimming in water from the tasteless eggs; tinned tomatoes, hash browns from frozen, “toast”. Awful. Up your game, Irish Ferries.”

It’s not the first time Irish travel companies have come in for flack over their inability to deliver established classics to paying customers.

One Dublin airport pub previously went viral for what many consider to be the worst pint of Guinness ever pulled. Or, at least, the worst until Eric Trump attempted one a few weeks later.