Passenger shares picture of the ‘worst Guinness in history of humanity’ from Dublin airport

Passenger shares picture of the ‘worst Guinness in history of humanity’ from Dublin airport

DUBLIN AIRPORT bar staff have been left with some explaining to do after a picture surfaced of quite possibly the worst attempt at a pint of Guinness ever seen.

There is a definite art to pouring the perfect pint of thick, black, Irish stout.

It’s something that comes with practice, which might explain why it’s rare to see an Irish barman make this kind of blunder.

Rare, but not impossible, as staff at Dublin Airport demonstrated this week.

According to Dublin Live, the offending pint was produced earlier this week and was greeted with disgust by its Irish recipient.

Taking to Instagram, the offended drinker asked his followers: “Is this the worst Guinness in the history of humanity? Shame Dublin Airport, shame.”

The biggest shame of all was that the pint was served just before the recipient was heading off on his holidays - a miserable start to any trip away.

Plenty evidently agreed with the tweet going viral in the meantime.

Not an uncommon sight among inexperienced barmen, this particular abomination is termed a "bishop's hat" on account of its large white head.

Dublin Airport has yet to offer up an explanation behind the dodgy pint pouring.

However, they do have form when it comes to delivering glasses of the iconic Irish stout.

Back in April 2019, one woman travelling through the airport took to Twitter to share a picture of another badly poured pint she was served during the visit.

It was similar to this effort, with a huge foamy head accompanied by minimal actual Irish stout present in the glass itself.

Just remember guys: A good pint of Guinness takes skill. It takes patience. It also takes practice.