Anthony Daly says hurling goals should count as four points

Anthony Daly says hurling goals should count as four points

FOUR POINTS for a goal in hurling should be awarded in next year's Allianz Hurling leagues says Anthony Daly. 

Daly's reasons are centered around how easy it is for the modern day player to land points from huge distances on the pitch. He believes there should be an extra reward for hitting the net.

"He told the RTÉ GAA Podcast.

Maybe you could bring it in that the second goal would be worth four points

"Any subsequent goal is worth four points.

"It might be an interesting way for a team to push on and keep going for goals and keep trying to create goal chances. You look at the difference in soccer now when you get three points for a win [previously it was two points until a rule amendment].

"We all remember the days when it was two points and one [for a draw]. Teams were going away from home and playing for a draw. They were quite happy, they weren't losing much ground.

"I think the goal is a hugely exciting part of our games, the thing that gets the stadium rocking. I'd go with this. I'd trial it in next year's national league if they were willing to do something as volcanic as that in the GAA, which we know they usually don't!

"I think there's a lot of merit in it. It should be looked at. We got some great goals in 2021, so hopefully that trend will continue, but I wouldn't mind seeing [four points for a goal] trialled in the league anyway."

Former inter-county referee Barry Kelly echoed Daly's sentiments, adding:

"You quite often see it in a game now where a team scores a goal, but the other team, I suppose to their credit, replies unbelievably quickly with two quick points.

"Suddenly the goal, the buzz and the lift it's given almost dissipates immediately.

"A goal brings a level of excitement, the net being rattled. I think it's worth exploring."