Brolly slams Dublin's use of Con O'Callagahan

Brolly slams Dublin's use of Con O'Callagahan

Former GAA pundit Joe Brolly has slammed Dublin's current use of star forward Con O'Callaghan. The Derry native claimed the 27-year-old reminded him of former Argentine great Diego Maradona, but now O'Callaghan reminds him of Brighton veteran James Milner.

Last weekend saw a 1-12 to 0-14 win for Mayo over Dublin, and as a result, Dublin is without a win in two in the Allianz Football League. Dublin will need to get their season up and running pretty soon.

Last year, Dublin struggled for consistency in the early parts of the year under Dessie Farrell, but after the return of a number of older players and former boss Pat Gilroy, they managed to win the Sam Maguire once again.

The St. Vincent's man Gilroy wasn't officially listed as part of the management team last year, with his role more of an advisory one, while he acted as a water carrier on match days.

This year, alleged reports around Gilroy's role in Dublin have emerged, and they have stated that Gilroy cannot give the same level of commitment as he did last year because of business ties and his involvement in other aspects.

It appears that Dublin has reverted to type from the early part of 2023 under Dessie Farrell, and former pundit Brolly has claimed that Gilroy's lack of a role now has affected the way Dublin plays now. He says this is also having an effect on Dublin's three-time All-Star footballer, Con O'Callaghan.

Regarded as one of the best Gaelic footballers in the country, the Derry native has claimed that the dynamic Dublin forward is akin to Milner rather than World Cup winner Maradona.

"Pat Gilroy's arrival as water boy mid-season last year transformed them. Since his departure, they have gone back to the dull, formulaic, risk-free stuff that had become their hallmark since Dessie Farrell's arrival," Brolly said in his column in the Irish Independent.

"In O'Callaghan's breakthrough year (2017), his introductory acts in Croke Park were two brilliant solo goals in the All-Ireland semi-final and final, scything through seasoned, expert defences like a young George Best...

"Nowadays, he hardly gets the ball. When he does, he is way outfield. He used to be Diego Maradona. Now he is James Milner."

Dublin's next game in the Allianz Football League will be against Roscommon. That game kicks off at 5 p.m. later today.