Game of Thrones star hints at more dragons in upcoming episode

Game of Thrones star hints at more dragons in upcoming episode

GAME of Thrones star Pilou Asbaek, who plays Euron Greyjoy, has teased that there could be more than one dragon on its way during the latest episode of the smash-hit HBO series which airs on Monday.

Daenerys originally had three dragons, but now appears to be left with just one, Drogon, after Vesirion was killed (then resurrected) by the Night King (and killed again - it's a long story if you're new to Thrones) and Rhaegal was shockingly taken out by Euron during the latest episode.

However, Asbaek has hinted that we could be set for yet another classic Game of Thrones twist as he toyed with the idea that two dragons could be set to appear in episode five.

The actor said in an Instagram post: “Gone with the wind…..!!!? Maybe….can’t wait for episode 5…. There will be light! And death…. and coffee cups… Oreos…? might see a dragon...or two...or none…”


Fans of the show are suggesting that the theory of more than one dragon making an appearance in the latest episode is backed up by the trailer for episode five, which features Euron staring up at the clouds with a look of ‘... oh b*llocks’ about him.

Euron Greyjoy looks worryingly into the sky during the trailer for Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 5

Euron's eyes begin to widen suggesting he's realised something ominous is on its way

Of course, this is all speculation for the time being, and opinions on the trailer are, obviously, subjective.

His ‘look of dread’ could just as well be interpreted as a Euron gazing at the clouds, enjoying the beauty of the Westerosi sky only to suddenly realise he forgot to double-bolt the back gate of the Red Keep on his way out of King’s Landing and that Cersei’s guard dog, ‘The Mountain’, might escape and run off down the street chasing neighbourhood cats, and she’ll probably be furious.

As I said, it’s all subjective.

As we know, throughout the series, the importance and the presence of dragons has been continually shoved down our throats, and while Game of Thrones is no stranger to big surprises, the idea of another dragon just popping up out of nowhere seems fanciful.

But then why would Asbaek tease the idea in the first place?

Logic might suggest that the look on Euron’s face in the trailer is simply caused by Drogon attacking his fleet from the skies, undetected, possibly even wearing some sort of reinforced dragon-armour.

After all, just two ballistic missiles and an ice spear were enough to kill two of Daenerys' three dragons. We’re not suggesting that those are in any way, novel ways to die, a 10 ft spear to the neck would probably finish me off too.

But surely The Mother of Dragons has given some thought to protecting her ‘children’ better? She kind of needs them if she wants the Iron Throne and stuff. And she’s only got one left.

Or does she?

I guess we’ll find out soon.