Multi-arts programme will celebrate Ulysses across Europe

Multi-arts programme will celebrate Ulysses across Europe

AN ambitious new arts programme will see James Joyce’s most famous novel Ulysses celebrated across Europe.

Some 18 European cities have come together to create ULYSSES European Odyssey, a multi-arts programme inspired by Joyce’s masterpiece which will run until June 2024.

Launched this month, the project is a transnational and multi-disciplinary programme with a variety of events and interventions taking place in those 18 cities, which are Athens, Berlin, Budapest, Cluj, Copenhagen, Derry-Donegal, Dublin, Eleusis, Istanbul, Leeuwarden, Lisbon, Lugo, Marseille, Oulu, Paris, Trieste, Vilnius and Zurich.

It includes 14 free public city events which are designed to “animate the democratic public spaces of modern cities”, the organisers explained.

“Individuals from all walks of life – from doctors to dancers, postmen to producers, shopkeepers to surgeons – are also being invited to come together at cross-sectoral public arts and society symposia in 16 cities,” they add.

James Joyce's most famous novel Ulysses will be celebrated across Europe

The aim of the project is to create chARTer 309, a new democratic statement for the future relationship between the arts and society based on the 18 themes in Ulysses to be published in late 2024.

In addition, 30 artist exchange residencies are taking place, and 18 writers from different literary genres and from each city have been commissioned to contribute to EUROPE-ULYSSES, a new book also due to be published next year.

Conceived by Arts over Borders, Ireland’s acclaimed presenting body for cross-border arts festivals, and developed with Lead Partner, Brave New World Producties, a Netherlands-based producing company), while working with partners in each of the 18 cities, ULYSSES European Odyssey is funded through an award from the European Commission’s Creative Europe Fund.

Séan Doran and Liam Browne of Arts over Borders, say:“Ulysses and Odyssey are two of the greatest works of literature, each having something to say about people, society and our relationships with one another.

“Like those two inspiration points, ULYSSES European Odyssey is a journey that involves people and ideas, which moves across Europe at a pivotal time in its history.

“As James Joyce did, it celebrates the modern city and through public performance and lively debate, and we hope it will shine a light on human complexity, develop new international partnerships, offer cross-border solutions and stimulate new active citizenship between the arts and society.”

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