Irish farmer celebrates surprise arrival of miracle mule foal
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Irish farmer celebrates surprise arrival of miracle mule foal

A LEITRIM farmer is still marvelling at the latest addition to her Carrigallen homestead.

In early summer Ann Lennon found her four year old mule Jenny had achieved the apparently impossible and given birth to a foal.

Mules – the offspring of a donkey and pony or horse – are generally accepted to be sterile, with only a few reports of them giving birth in existence in international history records.

But Ms Lennon’s miracle mule foal – which is known as a ‘Molly’ - has proven otherwise, with young Sally 100 per cent fit and still ‘going strong’ according to her local vet.

“We were shocked and delighted when Jenny gave birth,” said Ms Lennon, who lived in Stoke Newington for a number of years, before returning to Ireland in 2000.

“I secretly thought she was carrying, but I couldn’t be sure,” she added.

Sally, who is three quarters donkey and one quarter pony, according to Ms Lennon, was born on July 9.

“It seems Jennie went to term, which is 12 months, like a donkey,” explains Ms Lennon.

“The vet checked them both over and said they were perfect, both 100 per cent,” she added.

“I am just hopeful that she will survive and live here with us on the farm, as we won’t be selling her or anything like that. I’d even like to think Jenny may give us another one next year- but we’ll have to wait and see.”

Since Sally’s unexpected arrival Ms Lennon has received many curious visitors at her Co. Leitrim farm, all keen to see the miracle mule.

“As far as we are aware Sally is one of only a few mules born of mules in the world – and the first in Ireland,” she explains.

“I’d say she’s quite the miracle and I am actually very keen to get information about any other mules out there that have managed to reproduce.”