100-year-old woman says daily pint of Guinness is the secret to her long life

100-year-old woman says daily pint of Guinness is the secret to her long life

A 100-YEAR-OLD woman has revealed the secret behind her long and happy life: a couple of pints of Guinness.

Kathleen Hennings celebrated her 100th birthday in Cheltenham this week.

The London-born centenarian remains as active as ever hough, often popping out to the shops or going off out to meet friends.

And she believes it is all thanks to her daily Guinness habit.

Kathleen is a big fan of the classic Irish stout.


In fact, you could even argue that she can’t live without a few pints of the black stuff.

Kathleen claims to enjoy a “cheeky snifter” of Guinness every morning and every evening as part of a tradition that stretches back to as far as she can remember.

Family friend Kirsty Darby, who has known Kathleen all her life, told Gloucester Live:

"She goes out for meals with her friends regularly.

"She swears by Guinness as what keeps her going every day - she has one in the morning and one with her evening meal."

Kathleen’s Guinness drinking feat has not gone unnoticed either.


Writing in a statement provided to Gloucester Live, Guinness heaped praise on Kathleen on her special day.

"We would love to wish Kathleen a very happy birthday, and it’s great to hear she is a lifelong Guinness fan!” they said.

The Gloucester resident isn’t the first person to issue a recommendation this kind.

A few years back a 105 year old woman attributed her long life to a nightly dram of whiskey.