This box of Baileys chocolates is the perfect Christmas gift for the booze lover in your life

This box of Baileys chocolates is the perfect Christmas gift for the booze lover in your life

CHRISTMAS WOULDN'T be Christmas without a glass of Baileys and box of chocolates.

So, the news that Asda is now selling a box of official Baileys-flavoured chocolates is sure to go down well with anyone getting in the mood for the festive season ahead.

Available in-store and online, the Baileys Chocolate Collection boasts a selection of 20 different milk, white and dark chocolate pieces.

And this being Baileys, each and every one is infused with the familiar Irish cream liqueur and each comes with an almond, brownie, caramel or coffee-flavoured centre.

The perfect alternative to the standard box of Christmas chocolates, this sweet treat will set you back around £8 (€9) per box and is strictly for adults only.

Boasting an alcohol content of around 15%, they've 100% not suitable for children while the box contains a whopping 1,2000 calories - if anyone out there is considering scoffing the lot.

First spotted by NewfoodsUK over on Instagram, the boozy chocolates are just the latest sweet treat innovation to come out of the Irish liqueur giants.

Previous additions include the Baileys Chocolate Yule Log, which is available at a ridiculously low price online.

There's also the Baileys advent calendar, which will set you back a little bit more but comes complete with a fair few bottles of the brown stuff.

Last, but definitely not least, there's a brand-new Baileys chocolate ice cream, which tastes as good as it sounds and is definitely another one that's strictly for adults.

And if none of that tickles your fancy, you might want to try this Irish Post-endorsed Baileys cheesecake recipe.

One that's definitely for the whole family, it could be the dessert that makes your Christmas.

Just remember: always enjoy your Baileys in moderation.

For the calories if not the alcohol content.