Charles Bronson - UK's most notorious prisoner - plans on moving to Ireland after his release

Charles Bronson - UK's most notorious prisoner - plans on moving to Ireland after his release

CHARLES BRONSON is planning a move to the south coast of Ireland after he’s released from jail.

Britain’s most famous prisoner has spent all but one of the last 44 years of his life behind bars. In that time, he’s been married twice, divorced twice and has changed his name three times.

Now going by Charles Arthur Salvador (in honour of the artist Salvador Dali), Bronson spoke to WalesOnline of his wish to head to the countryside following his release and said that Ireland would be an ideal place for him to start a new life as a free man.

“I was thinking [of moving to] southern Ireland, as it happens - love the Irish people, they’re wonderful,” Bronson said.

“Go into any Irish pub and you know you’re going to have a good old sing-song and a knees-up.”

He mentioned he wanted to own a small country cottage where he could “paint all the colours of the rainbow.”

“When people drive past they’ll point and go: ‘Cor, look at all the colours on that’,” he added.

Charles Bronson has been imprisoned for a number of crimes including armed robbery, GHB and blackmail

“I’ll have a stove to bake my own bread and cakes - you’ll be able to smell my homemade apple pies from five miles away.”

It’s no surprise to hear of the artistic aspirations he has for his house. During his incarceration, Bronson, born Michael Peteron has busied himself with various creative pastimes such.

He’s written (and published) books and poems and has sold a number of pieces of artwork - donating the profits to children's charities.

The 66-year-old former bare-knuckle boxer went on to take a couple of metaphorical jabs at the current state of the world - criticising UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and young kids “walking around with trousers halfway round their f***ing ankles.”

I doubt there’ll be too much of either on the south coast of Ireland, so Mr. Bronson, or Mr. Salvador, or Mr. Ahmed, or Mr. Peterson … or whatever name you choose next, you appear to be, finally, in luck. We don't agree with the decisions of your past, but we certainly agree with your idea of an Irish country escape.