Dog owner pays heart-wrenching tribute to beloved pet in Limerick park

Dog owner pays heart-wrenching tribute to beloved pet in Limerick park

A DOG OWNER, or likely a former dog owner (*sniff*) has created a lovely tribute to their former pet.

In CurraghChase Forest Park, Sarah O Donoghue noticed a gorgeous memorial, to a beloved dog named Paddington, attached to a tree.

She took a photo of it and posted it on Twitter and we’re all a bit misty-eyed because of it, in all honesty.


The note reads:

“Please take a ball and play with your dog in memory of Paddington, the best little friend ever. Paddington loved fetch, so keep it or drop it back for another dog to enjoy. Treasure this day with your dog as there are never enough.”

Underneath was a bucket full of tennis balls for passers-by to take as they please.

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Paddington must have been one heck of pup to inspire such a gesture.

Curraghchase Forest Park

Heart-warming replies came flooding in Sarah’s post, who later tweeted: “I’m blown away by the response to this. It’s such an incredibly touching tribute to a beloved furbaby, I hope somehow Paddington’s family see the lovely reaction and find some comfort in it.”

Anyone who’s experienced the death of a dear pet knows it feels like you’ve lost a family member.

If the good people of Limerick and their furry friends make good use of those tennis balls, they’ll be doing Paddington’s memory proud.