Dr Tony Holohan awarded Freedom of the City of Dublin on behalf of all healthcare workers

Dr Tony Holohan awarded Freedom of the City of Dublin on behalf of all healthcare workers

DR TONY Holohan has been awarded the Freedom of the City of Dublin.

The Chief Medical Officer has been handed the honorary award on behalf of healthcare workers across Ireland in recognition of their “immense effort and tireless work” throughout the pandemic.

Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu conferred the award on Dr Holohan after reaching an agreement on the matter with all Dublin City Councillors.

A calming, methodical presence throughout much of the pandemic, Dr Holohan played a key role in Ireland’s initial response to the pandemic.

As chair of the influential National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET), his matter-of-fact approach to the coronavirus struck a chord with many across Ireland and saw his popularity soar as a result.

The resolution calling for the award to be bestowed on the CMO was passed at a council meeting back on June 6.

Dr Holohan’s conferral ceremony took place in the Oak Room of the Mansion House in Dawson Street on Tuesday, June 15.

In the presence of his family, Dr Holohan signed the Roll of Honorary Freedom and accepted the award on behalf of all health care workers

He thanked the members of Dublin City Council for the award as recognition of the work done over this past year by the Public Health Team.

Dr Tony Holohan

Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu said: “In conferring on Dr Holohan, and through him our health care workers, the Honorary Freedom of the City of Dublin, we recognise the immense effort and tireless work carried out by all our health care staff and we want to, through this award, say a big thank you for their efforts and sacrifices. It has been an extremely difficult 16 months and we owe our public health workers and frontline staff an enormous debt.”

The Freedom of the city has been awarded just 82 times since it was first given out in 1876.

Former Dublin football manager Jim Gavin was the most recent recipient.