'Draw With Don' is BACK as Irish legend Don Conroy launches Youtube channel

'Draw With Don' is BACK as Irish legend Don Conroy launches Youtube channel

WHO'S READY to draw some owls?!

Anyone who watched The Den between the late 80's and early 2000's will be absolutely buzzing to learn that the staple of every Irish childhood, 'Draw With Don', is back!

Uncle Don himself has set up a Youtube account where he will teach a whole new generation of children-- and, likely, their parents who want to relieve arguably one of the best parts of their childhood-- how to draw cartoons.

The massively talented Dublin artist, who was best-known for his love of drawing barn owls, will be helping people cope with isolation by encouraging everyone to get creative and hone their drawing skills.

The artist, writer and environmentalist took to Twitter where he announced that due to popular demand, Draw With Don would be coming back-- and people of all ages are absolutely delighted.


"Draw with Don is etched into my brain forever," one woman said. "I can draw animals because of you! Thank you for doing this for us all again!"

"You came to my school when I was 7 and showed us how to do owls and dolphins," another wrote. "You inspired me to no end, I always smile when I see you in the media."

Another said that she was excited to relive her 90's childhood with her own children, and one person said simply "I think I'm gonna cry".

The first episode of the newly-rebooted 'Draw With Don' can be viewed below-- and while it's unfortunately not an owl (this time!) Don's favourite animal can be seen in the background.

Ahh, just like the 90's.