Enormous Snickers bar breaks Guinness World Record

Enormous Snickers bar breaks Guinness World Record

A HUGE Snickers bar has broken a Guinness World Record and the internet is absolutely loving it.

The gargantuan chocolate slab has officially been named the largest chocolate nut bar ever made.

"We’ve created the most satisfying SNICKERS bar ever with the help of @GWR," Snickers tweeted.

Weighing in at more than 2,144.5 kg and measuring two feet high and 26 inches wide, the chocolate bar looks like it could feed a small country.

In a series of tweets, Guinness World Records confirmed the nutty news, adding that the bar contains 3,500 pounds of chocolate and 1,300 pounds of caramel!

It was assembled in Waco, Texas, confirming once and for all that everything is indeed 'bigger in Texas'.

Before the record could be claimed, the bar had to be deemed fit for human consumption.

After passing several tests, it was announced that the massive snack will be shared out between Mars employees across the United States.

That's how bleedin' massive it is, they're having to ship it off across the county for it to be eaten.

It's been created to feature in an advert for the upcoming Super Bowl, marking Snickers' return as chief sponsor of the biggest match on the Gridiron calendar.