Father Ted stars offering to record video messages for fans for just €40

Father Ted stars offering to record video messages for fans for just €40

FATHER TED actors are offering fans of the show the chance to receive online video messages, and it'll only set you back a measly €40.

Joe Rooney - who played Father Damo - and Micheal Redmond - who played Father Paul Stone - are working in conjunction with the video messaging site Irishify, where they make videos for fans of their work.

Any Ted fans looking for a unique gift for a birthday, a wedding or an anniversary need look no further.

It doesn't just have to be a simple greeting 'hello' either. You can ask them a question, ask them for some motivation words, or just get to say something random for 'the craic'.

You'll have 250 characters for your message, so make it snappy.

Joe Rooney as Father Damo

Mr Rooney's bio reads: "Famous Irish actor and comedian best known for his starring roles in Iconic Irish TV shows such as Father Damo in Father Ted and Timmy Higgins in Killinaskully. Joe has performed stand-up shows to sold out arenas across the globe from New York and Shanghai to Toronto and Dubai."

Meanwhile, Redmond's bio describes him as a "well-known Irish comedian and actor," with a "dead-pan style of comedic delivery"."

The site also describes him as the "possessor of comedy's most mourneful moustache".

Michael Redmond as Father Paul Stone

Aside from Father Ted legends, you can also request messages from other Irish celebs, including sports stars like Niall Quinn and Richard Dunne, as well as a number of comedians and musicians.

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