Friends-themed cafe is coming to a huge Primark in Manchester store next month

Friends-themed cafe is coming to a huge Primark in Manchester store next month

A PRIMARK store in Manchester is getting its very own Central Perk with the Friends-inspired cafe set to launch next month.

Fans of the shows will be able to hang out with their pals in a coffee shop made to look exactly like the one seen in Friends, in what we can only presume was every episode.

The cafe is set to open on June 12 in Primark on Market Street in Manchester city centre.

It will be exclusive to Primark and is the first of its kind to open its doors in the UK.

The cafe will feature the famous sofa and table the cast of Friends constantly sat at

It will feature a New York styled menu and will of course have *that* sofa and *that* table for fans to sit at.

Service at Central Perk is expected to be a lot better Rachel made it out to be for a time, during the show, thankfully.

Whether or not they’re set to hire purely white-haired gentlemen to run the bar and bohemian blonde guitar players to provide musical entertainment remains to be seen … but we certainly hope so.

Speaking about the announcement, Primark’s director of new business development Tim Kelly said: “We are hugely excited to be bringing the first branded Central perk Cafe in fashion retail in the UK to the British high street.

“Customers can relax and have fun there whilst also enjoying our amazing fashion at amazing prices in our Manchester store.” He said.

The Primark store in Manchester City centre

This move comes following the opening of Birmingham’s Primark, which is the nation’s largest Primark store. It’s also home to a special new Disney-themed cafe, which was the first of its kind for the company.

With the success of the Disney cafe, it’s no surprise that Primark have again looked to pop-culture to further their brand.

The announcement has garnered a lot of attention from fans of the show already, so good-luck in securing a spot on the sofa as easily as Ross, Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica seemed to do every week. (That was always unrealistic wasn’t it?)

People of Manchester, we’ll see you on your coffee break!