Gardai warn of 'child sex grooming' in operation in rural Irish county

Gardai warn of 'child sex grooming' in operation in rural Irish county

GARDAI are increasing their crack down on child sex grooming in Ireland.

Gardai in County Louth are investigating allegations of child grooming against two individuals, following a major sting operation carried out by a vigilante group in the town of Drogheda.

The two men in question were confronted by British group ‘Silent Justice’, which alleges they had attempted to meet girls as young as 12 years old online.

The vigilante group is a similar group to the one which successfully caught RTE sports producer Kieran Creaven as he waited to meet what he believed was a 13 year old girl in Leeds on Saturday night.
Creaven appeared in court yesterday on charges of attempting to engage in sexual activity with a minor, and is due in court again next month.

The two separate incidents which took place in Drogheda over the weekend, are an attempt by the Gardai to crack down on child sex grooming attempts that are being carried out online.

It’s understood that the two men had been interviewed by gardai before being released without charge.

The two men voluntarily presented themselves to Drogheda garda station.

Senior sources say that investigations are ongoing and as part of the investigation it will be decided whether to raid their homes, and attempt to take possession of their computers and any other relevant issues that arise.

It is not yet known whether or not the men were acting collaboratively or sperately.