Our Instagram has reached 100k followers

Our Instagram has reached 100k followers

YAY, us!

Our Instagram page just swept past the 100,000 follower mark over the weekend, and we’d like to extend a great, big Irish thank you to everyone who’s helped us get there.

We’ve collected followers from all over the globe and we’re happy to join you all in celebrating everything Ireland.

For anyone not following us - first of all, how dare you? - secondly, you’re missing out on so much!

News isn’t the only thing we’ve got going on here. You’ll see hidden corners of the country from Dublin to Dingle, jaunty Irish Trad performances to warm the soul and plenty of idyllic sweeping landscapes - such is the Irish way.

Whether it’s trip ideas, lovely people, lovely animals, or simple nostalgia that you’re after, our page has it in swathes.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us.

200k, we’re coming for you!