Ireland pubs reopening: 9 new rules to follow when indoor dining returns

Ireland pubs reopening: 9 new rules to follow when indoor dining returns

IRELAND'S pubs are set to swing open their doors at the start of next month, allowing customers inside for the first time in nearly seven months.

It's been the country's longest - and hopefully last - lockdown, and it's left much of the nation's hospitality industry depleted.

But as summer begins to firmly take a foothold, publicans and pub-goers will be hoping that normality isn't too far away.

On July 5, indoor dining is allowed to resume in bars, restaurants, pubs and cafes across the country, but because Covid-19 is more easily transmissible inside, there will be still be a number of restrictions in place.

Here's everything you need to know about the resumption of indoor dining:

Face masks must be worn

Other than when you're sitting at your table, face coverings must be worn at all times, including on your way in, on your way out and if you're moving to use the toilet.

Maximum of 6 to a table

Service is only permitted for a table of six people or fewer, though this limit doesn't include children aged 12 or younger.

Table service only

There's to be no gathering at the bar for the time being. You'll either be able to order via your smartphone, or you'll have to wait for a member of staff to come over and serve you.

Contact tracing must be adhered to

You'll have to register your details when you enter, so that you can be contacted if a case of Covid-19 is detected during your visit, and isolate accordingly.

Physical distancing must be maintained

A distance of 2 metres must be kept between tables indoors.

Multiple tables cannot be booked indoors

You won't be able to book multiple tables. This is to stop large groups getting around the 6 person max rule.

11.30pm time limit

All customers must be out of the premises by 11.30pm at the latest.

No parties or social gatherings will be allowed

Until restrictions are lowered, facilities will not be permitted to host events, parties or any type of social function.

No live/loud music is allowed

No live bands, and music levels must not to exceed unreasonable volume. This is because people raise their voices and move closer when music is loud, potentially making Covid-19 more transmissible.