Ireland’s favourite takeaway for every county have been revealed

Ireland’s favourite takeaway for every county have been revealed

IRELAND’S LOVE of all things takeaway has been highlighted in a brand new study revealing the most popular type of fast food in every county across the country.

Figures published by Just Eat have revealed which counties prefer pizzas over curries or Chinese over Italian.

Using data gleaned from the delivery service’s app, the figures make for interesting reading. For example, just six of the 26 counties featured in the research chose Chinese as their top takeaway type.

As a neat Poppadom-style extra, Just Eat even provided the fascinating stat that approximately 3.8 spicebags are purchased in Ireland every single minute.

That equates to a stunning 5,400 spicebags sold across the length and breadth of the country every day.

The top takeaway of choice for each county can be viewed below: 

  • Carlow - Chinese
  • Cavan - Pizza
  • Clare - Pizza
  • Cork - Pizza
  • Donegal - Chinese
  • Dublin - Chinese
  • Galway - Chinese
  • Kerry - Pizza
  • Kildare - Chinese
  • Kilkenny - Pizza
  • Laois - Pizza
  • Leitrim - Indian
  • Limerick - Pizza
  • Longford - Pizza
  • Louth - Pizza
  • Mayo - Pizza
  • Meath - Chinese
  • Monaghan - Kebab
  • Offaly - Pizza
  • Roscommon - Pizza
  • Sligo - Turkish
  • Tipperary - Pizza
  • Waterford - Pizza
  • Westmeath - Pizza
  • Wexford - Pizza

For information on each county’s top five along with a few other fast-food titbits, head over to the Just Eat research’s landing page for more info.