Motorists in Ireland are using GUINNESS to defrost their car windscreens

Motorists in Ireland are using GUINNESS to defrost their car windscreens

CAR OWNERS in Ireland have hit upon a novel way to deal with frosty windscreens and windows.

With winter in full swing and temperatures dropping across the Emerald Isle, motorists everywhere are having up to the issue of ice.

But while ice roads and pathways can be effectively dealt with using a bit of salt, clearing ice off of a car windscreen and windows can be a little trickier.

It’s a task that usually requires motorists to roll their sleeves up and get scraping in a bid to ensure maximum visibility on the road in these treacherous conditions.

Thankfully help may finally be at hand and it’s help of the distinctly Irish variety.

Because one man from Mayo has just shared his secret weapon in tackling any icy windscreen build-up: a can of Guinness.

In a video sent in to the Irish Mirror, Mayo resident Des Walsh shares his nifty trick for clearing his car off before heading out for the day.

Proof that it’s never too early for a can of Guinness, this could be the Irish-inspired early morning commute life hack we’ve all been crying out for.

The science behind the use of Guinness is unclear but it should be noted that an increasingly number of motorists use rubbing alcohol to remove ice from windscreens.

It's entirely conceivable that a pint of the black stuff works in a similar way and it appears to work.

Plus, it provides the perfect excuse to get a few cans of Guinness in as part of the weekly shop – it’s all for the car, of course.

Ireland’s favourite tipple and a stout known for being effective at treating the common cold – is there anything Guinness can’t do?