Peter Casey will stay in Irish presidential race, slams ‘welfare-dependent state’

Peter Casey will stay in Irish presidential race, slams ‘welfare-dependent state’

PETER CASEY has confirmed he will remain in the race for Irish president, having taken a break from campaigning following his comments about Travellers.

The Dragon’s Den member suspended his campaign on Friday following the reaction to his comments that Travellers are not an ethnic minority.

However in today’s Sunday Independent, Casey said he stood by his comments and would remain in the race after being inundated with messages of support.

Casey also said this week that people who reject social housing should be put at the bottom of the waiting list.

In today’s Sunday Independent article, he further criticised those who ‘expect the State to look after them’.

Describing Ireland as a ‘welfare-dependent State’, he wrote: “We have become a nation of people who expect, no demand, that the State looks after them.

“Pay all of their bills, provide them with homes, provide all sorts of social benefits.”

This ‘sense of entitlement’ was now unaffordable, he added.

Mr Casey’s support stands at 2 per cent – the lowest of the six candidates – according to the latest opinion poll from RED C for the Sunday Business Post.

The poll of 1,000 voters from October 11-17 puts incumbent Michael D Higgins top with 68 per cent.