Put a cork in it! 30,000 litres of Prosecco explode out of a tank at winery

Put a cork in it! 30,000 litres of Prosecco explode out of a tank at winery

PROSECCO LOVERS everywhere probably dream of one day owning a giant vat of the bubbly stuff they can dip into at a moment's notice.

But that dream turned into a real-life nightmare for the staff and owners of a winery in the Italian province of Treviso after a giant 30,000-litre vat of the sparkling wine exploded.

What followed was as dramatic a spill as you are likely to see, with helpless onlookers left with no option other than to watch on in horror as litres and litres of Prosecco flooded the area.

There was little they could do to help the situation. Putting a cork in it or grabbing a glass simply were not practical solutions.

The volatile nature of the vat meant approaching it would have been inadvisable while it's unlikely that the sparkling wine inside was the finished article.

Dramatic footage of the incident soon found its way online, after am employee took to Facebook to share a clip of the ensuing alcohol-led chaos.

It's proven a hit online, accumulating 1.1 million views and 11,000 shares despite the distressing scenes on show.



Commenting on the post, Facebook user Shane McLeod Brennan spoke for prosecco fans everywhere.

"I would grab as many containers, bottles, bags, cups and the report would be 'Shane died doing what he loved the most' attempting to drink a 100,000 litre bottle of wine," he wrote under the video.

The reason for the explosion is unclear, though one theory suggests the tank may have been overfilled or developed a fault, leading this senseless prosecco waste.

The only hope is that the explosion does not impact any local wildlife.

Back in June 2018, an accident at a whiskey distillery saw 9,000 barrels of the spirit leak into nearby waterways in Bardstown, Kentucky.

The incident left up to 1,000 fish dead in the nearby Withrow Creek and the Beech Fork River and resulted in a hefty fine for the distillery.