Time-wasting woman calls police after beauty therapist 'hurt her' while plucking eyebrows

Time-wasting woman calls police after beauty therapist 'hurt her' while plucking eyebrows

A WOMAN who phoned the emergency services to report that her beauty therapist "hurt her" while plucking her eyebrows has been branded a time-waster by the authorities.

An audio clip of the unnamed woman has been released by Greater Manchester Police to highlight the alarming spate of unnecessary calls being made to the 999 number.

In the recording, the woman can be heard claiming she needs to report a "crime" to the police.

She goes on to complain about the fact her beautician failed to conduct an allergy test for dye before completing her brow tint.

Incredibly, the call is one of more than 8,000 that were made to the Manchester force over the weekend - though, in this instance, the complaining woman was given short shrift.

"Hi there darling. I need to report a crime please," the unknown caller states.

"Yes, what's happened?" The call handler replies.

The woman says: "Basically what it is, I've gone and had my eyebrows done yesterday.

"I've rang her and asked her if she's got any appointments to have my eyebrows tint and plucked.

"I've gone there basically, and she's hurt me, and she's done my eyebrows without a skin patch test."

The call handler quickly interrupts to say: "That does not sound like a police emergency, this sounds like a trading standards complaint.

"If you're not happy with the procedure go to trading standards, okay?"

It's evidently not the response the woman was hoping for.

"Yeah, no problem," she says.

"If you ain't gonna deal with it I'll deal with it."

She then hangs up, adding another layer of absurdity to proceedings.

Though the incident took place in England, it serves as a reminder to always think twice before contacting the emergency services.

Only call 999 or 112 in an emergency. If the issue is less urgent, call 101.