Two Irish restaurants named in list of best burgers in the entire world

Two Irish restaurants named in list of best burgers in the entire world

ANYONE ELSE hungry all of a sudden?

The burger has never really been known as an Irish staple-- not in the same way as spuds or bacon and cabbage, at least-- but that might be about to change with the news that Ireland has been officially named as being home to not just one, but two of the best burgers in the entire world.

Swedish-based website Burgerdudes, a site dedicated entirely to burgers (So you can be sure they know what they're talking about) recently celebrated their 5th birthday by compiling a definitive list of The World's 50 Best Burgers.

With 20 different countries making the final handpicked list, it's a true indication of the global competition our little island was up against, and even more of an indication of just how good these burgers must taste.

Number 44 on the list is Bunsen, an Irish chain operating in Belfast, Cork and Dublin, and named by the Burgerdudes as "Definitely one of the finest specimens in Ireland".

"The fluffy bun was perfectly toasted, keeping everything in place, and everything tasted great," the review said.

"We especially liked the patty with its charred outside and juicy centre. And all of the ingredients worked really well together without taking over."

Galway's Handsome Burger came in at number 35, and it's no wonder it made the list as it was recently named as having the best burger in the whole of Ireland. And Burgerdudes agreed, saying "This is definitely the best burger we've had from the Emerald Isle".

"The amazing meat had a deeply beefy flavour, and the other ingredients – such as super intensive Derg cheddar and delectable bacon – were bold without taking over too much. We also liked the sturdy bun that kept everything in place."

For the full list of The World's 50 Best Burgers and to read the full reviews you can check out the website here.