Two of Dublin's Luke Kelly statues defaced by vandals overnight

Two of Dublin's Luke Kelly statues defaced by vandals overnight

Two statues depicting Dubliners musician Luke Kelly have been vandalised overnight, drawing fury from locals.

Statues of the Dubliner can be found on Guild Street, near where Kelly grew up, and on South King's Street beside the popular Stephen's Green shopping centre.

The marble bust of the singer, situated on Guild Street, has been vandalised multiple times since its unveiling just 18 months ago: last night's attack is the sixth time the statue has been defaced.

White paint was splashed across the bust late last night and discovered this morning, with local Councillor Christy Burke, speaking on Newstalk Breakfast, describing it as "a disturbing, sickening act to wake up to".

There had been calls for the statue to be moved after the last act of vandalism, however Councillor Burke says it should remain in the area where the singer was born, and instead suggested a 24-7 community watch be set up "given the fact we can't have a permanent Garda Síochána post".

The second statue of Kelly, outside Stephen's Green shopping centre, was also defaced in the same way, covered from head to toe in white paint.

The acts of vandalism drew fury from fans and locals, with one Twitter page stating "whoever did this, you are a disgrace of a human".

Both statues were unveiled in January 2019 to mark the 35th anniversary of the musician's death.

Minister for Culture Josepha Madigan said "the repeated damaging of our popular Luke Kelly statues is so deeply hurtful and offensive".

Gardaí have confirmed they are looking into the acts of vandalism.

Dublin has been hit by several high-profile acts of vandalism recently; yesterday it was discovered that Raheny's Tree of Life sculpture, had been severely damaged after being set alight overnight.

Also known as the Peace Tree, the elaborate sculpture, cut from a dead tree, depicts some of Ireland's iconic wildlife.

Anyone with information regarding the vandalism of either Luke Kelly statues or the Tree of Life are urged to contact Gardaí.