Watch: Six-year-old girl snuggles up to read stories to baby calves on her dad’s dairy farm

Watch: Six-year-old girl snuggles up to read stories to baby calves on her dad’s dairy farm

A YOUNG Irish girl has found an adorable way to pass the time during Ireland’s nationwide coronavirus lockdown. 

Georgie Hynes has become an internet sensation after her father shared a video of her reading one of her favourite stories to a pair of young calves. 

The daughter of an Irish dairy farmer, Georgie is no stranger to the spotlight, having previously starred in a string of her dad’s videos on Twitter. 

However, this latest effort from the six-year-old might be the best yet, coming at a time when people up and down the country are in need of a lift. 

Georgie’s video certainly provided that, with the clip of her snuggled alongside the young calves, reading a book about farm animals, likely to be the cutest thing you see on the internet this week. 


It all started when Peter Hynes answered a tweet from Ireland’s health minister, Simon Harris. 

Writing on Twitter, Mr Harris had urged parents to share clips and ideas on how they are keeping their kids entertained during this essential period of lockdown. 

“What we are being asked to do is challenging for all of us but we must do it to keep each other safe,” he wrote. 

“Let’s share ideas with each other of things to do around the house to pass the time - family games, tv recommendations, audio books, etc. Post them here!” 

Peter was among the first to reply, posting a clip of Georgie reading to her two farmyard friends. 


He captioned the video: “Does reading stories to calves count Simon , education & agriculture combined because farm kids understand #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe Keep up the great work.” 

The footage went down a storm with others online. 

“She loves spending time with the animals," Peter explained to one follower. 

“I won't be surprised if I find calves in the sitting room this week watching #SchoolOnTV with her this week.” 

Peter even told one person Georgie and the calves “watch Netflix together”. 

With so much grave news on the agenda and even more difficult times to come, the story of Peter, Georgie and their two calves is sure to have put a smile back on a few faces out there.  

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