Top 5 Irish drives: The best scenic road trips around the country

Top 5 Irish drives: The best scenic road trips around the country


The Ring of Kerry is a breathtaking experience, whether you're walking, cycling or heck, even crawling it. Driving the Ring allows you to see almost every facet the south-west corner of Ireland has to offer. The drive starts and ends in Killarney. It's a gorgeous drive with jagged cliffs, eerie mountains, beautiful forests and charming beaches. There's plenty to see so be sure to stop off in a pub or two for some fabulous Irish Trad and delicious cheesecake (seriously, no one does cheesecake better than the Irish).


Cliffs of Moher

Starting in Donegal, a tangle of charming country roads will take you through the stunning Glengesh Valley. After catching your breath from all the gasping you're sure to be doing, continue south through Sligo and Galway and arrive at the Cliffs of Moher. Warning: If you struggled with the beauty of Glengesh Pass, then viewer discretion is advised here. The immaculate cliffs sit 600ft above the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean and they stretch down the coast for 8km. Words can't do this view justice, just go and see for yourself.


If you're staying in Dublin, perfect. Winding through the Wicklow Mountains can be. day-trip from there. Take a picnic stop at Powerscourt Waterfall and enjoy the gorgeous views of Sally Gap's pass, just 45 minutes from Dundrum Town Centre. Charming country villages litter the area so you won't be short on friendly Irish company if we needed it.


The route will take you through one of Ireland's most rural and scenic areas. Perhaps not as physically striking as the mountains in Kerry and Wicklow but the drive offers a chance to stop in at some of Ireland's best beaches. Gorgeous greenery and wild coastline are on offer in spades on this trip.


Driving through the Boyne Valley is as historical a trip as it is a beautiful one. This journey through the Royal County is packed with glorious green views and ancient monuments; from Newgrange to the Hill of Tara and St. Peters Church which contains the real head of Oliver Plunket, an Irish saint from the 1600s. Trim Castle is well worth a visit too. The 13th century castle is the oldest in the country.