Homeless man found stabbed in his tent in Dublin park

Homeless man found stabbed in his tent in Dublin park

A HOMELESS MAN who was living in a tent in Wolfe Tone park was rushed to hospital after being stabbed in a vicious attack in Dublin City centre last night.

The alarm was raised by another homeless man around 10pm on Sunday night and an ambulance and gardai rushed to the scene.

The victim had lost a lot of blood and after treating the man for a brief time, paramedics then transported him to Mater Hospital.

The charity Feed Our Homeless sent an outreach team to check on rough sleepers in the surrounding area around 11pm following the attack.

A garda spokeswoman told Dublin Live: "Gardai can confirm an assault occurred on Sunday evening 18 August, 2019 at approximately 10pm.

"An injured man (early 50s) was taken to Mater Hospital and investigations are ongoing."

The incident comes just a week after another homeless man was attacked by two thugs with a knife in the Irish capital.

A homeless woman holds out a cup for money on The O'Connell Bridge, Dublin, Ireland.

Volunteers from Feed Our Homeless found a man covered in blood with numerous cuts to his arms and face.

Tony Walsh, the founder and chief executive of Feed Our Homeless, said: "We're calling on the DRHE (Dublin Region Homeless Executive) and the relevant authorities to make the hostel a lot safer as this is the second incident in just one week.

"There was a guy robbed there last week.

"This is more serious where a guy has been stabbed. This behaviour again is totally unacceptable in our community. It's simply not safe for people to be sleeping in tents at night.

"I'm calling for a full overhaul of the emergency services by the DRHE and the relevant authorities to encourage people to go in off the street at night.

"And the winter is coming in again and we're afraid that we're going to see more deaths on the street.

"We hope this guy pulls through and we wish him a speedy recovery," he added.