International Friendship Day: 9 of the best duos in Irish culture

International Friendship Day: 9 of the best duos in Irish culture

In Ireland, you can usually tell your best friend by a few simple methods.

This means insulting each other to show your love, your mammy treating them like her own child (and sometimes seeming to prefer them), and being able to have a full-blown conversation from just a few looks and maybe the odd facial expression.

Today is International Friendship Day, and it got us thinking about the best friendships in Irish culture.

So without further ado...

Ted & Dougal

The original odd couple, the two priests’ complete opposite personalities gave Irish TV viewers classic interactions such as Dreams vs Reality and “These are small… the ones out there are far away”.

There’ll likely never be another TV friendship quite like this one. Sure, Ted was constantly exasperated with Dougal’s impossible idiocy, but you know he loved him all the same.

Podge & Rodge

Pádraig Judas O’Leprosy and Rodraig Spartacus O’Leprosy, better known as Podge and Rodge, were close enough that they shared a bed. The brothers may be puppets, but their dark and mischievous humour made their friendship as real as anything.

Together, the O’Leprosy’s tried to scare the shite out of Irish viewers with their show ‘A Scare at Bedtime’, but the fear was always punctuated with laughter at the brothers’ shenanigans.

Martin Moone & Seán Murphy

What do you do if you don’t have any friends? You make your own, of course. Seán Murphy might only be imaginary, but we don’t think that matters when it’s International Friendship Day. This duo, who starred in the show Moone Boy, got up to such craic together it really doesn’t matter that Seán couldn’t be seen by anyone but Martin.


Love them or hate them (or have no opinion either way) you have to admit there’s no one quite like the Dublin twins. Their unique energy made them a nationwide phenomenon during their appearance on the 2009 series of The X Factor, and they went on to represent Ireland twice in the Eurovision and also appeared on Big Brother. Their weird, funny behaviour meant other countries weren't sure what to make of them however...

Zig & Zag

If you hadn’t noticed already, Ireland in the 80’s and 90's had a real thing for puppets. Zigmund Ambrose Zogly and Zagnatius Hillary Zogly, twins from the planet Zog, were two of Ireland’s most popular exports, appearing on Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast and Big Brother’s Little Brother. The two are still relevant today, and even got to meet Donald Trump. Okay, so that was back in 1998, but still—the point stands.

The Morbegs

These semi-terrifying creatures were an Irish Children’s TV favourite in the 1990’s, and for most people within a certain age group, just looking at the multi-coloured brother-and-sister duo will get the song whirring around your head. Molly and Rossa taught Irish children about caring for each other and the importance of family. And sometimes Tommy Tiernan was there too, thrown in for good measure.

Derry Girls

Okay, they're not exactly a duo, but we couldn't fail to mention these legends. One of the newest additions to Irish TV staples, the Derry Girls (Including James of course) are guaranteed to become as ingrained in Irish culture as Father Ted and the crowd on Craggy Island.

Their friendships with each other are funny, sweet and honest, and they’re not above arguing and falling out. It’s what makes the show real—well, that and its historical placement in Derry during the troubles.

The Rubberbandits

The masked comedy duo don’t make much music together anymore, but the Limerick lads will always have their place in the Irish hall of fame for their hilarious ‘Guide to Limerick’ (THAT’s Limerick citaaaay!) and of course the classic Horse Outside. Ireland was a wonderfully weird place when this song was in the charts. It was even tipped to be the Christmas Number One for 2010 in Ireland but lost out to Matt Cardle’s ‘When We Collide’. We’ll never forgive The X-Factor for that.

Aine and Shona

This sister act might not yet be as well-known as the other duos on the list, but this is due to change. With new Channel 4 show ‘This Way Up’ set to air its first season in August, you can expect to hear a lot about these two legends in the upcoming months-- the show is written and starred in by comedians Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan respectively, who play sisters in the show. The actresses have been friends for years, and their love for each other shines through in the series.